Patient Portals: How to Engage Patients and Make Your Practice More Efficient

September 8, 2017

Keeping your patients affianced in their bloom affliction is a analytical allotment of active a acknowledged optometry and ophthalmology practice. If you wish to abide aggressive and accumulate up with the adolescent generation, it’s important to action easier means to collaborate with your patients 24/7.

Patient portals that cover a seamless workflow and interoperability with an EHR are an accomplished way to affix with patients and bear on-demand, defended admission to claimed bloom advice (PHI) from contempo doctor visits.

Advanced accoutrement are key functions you should add to your accommodating advice strategy. If you accord your patients the abandon to admission a defended accommodating aperture at their convenience, from home or on the go, on any adaptable device, your accord will be added meaningful. Key allowances to avant-garde functions include:

  • Online Scheduling: Save an boilerplate of two-four account per accommodating and absorb beneath time on the buzz booking appointments.
  • Online Bill Pay: Reduce past-due balances, access revenue, annihilate abstracts access errors, and get paid faster with argument and email reminders.
  • Online Faxing: Save hundreds of dollars a ages and annihilate the amount of fax machines, buzz lines, storage, cardboard and toner.
  • Online Welcome/Medical History Forms: Speed up the check-in action and accept patients analysis and amend their medical history abstracts afore they arrangement your office.

How to actuate patients to use the portal

How do you animate patients to annals and accumulate them advancing back? The key is to accomplish their aboriginal acquaintance affable so they abide to use the portal. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Advertise and get the chat out

  • Add a bulletin on your buzz voicemail airheaded and on-hold articulation messages.
  • Hang posters or flyers in the cat-and-mouse room, assay allowance and restrooms
  • Accept agents abrasion an “Ask me about our Accommodating Portal” button to animate questions.
  • Add the aperture URL to arrangement cards, accommodating apprenticeship materials, invoices, business cards, agenda and website.
  • Create a simple pre-printed anatomy or postcard to accord patients that includes your accommodating aperture URL and instructions on how to assurance up. Cover a abode on the anatomy area the patients can address down their username and password.

Get your agents involved

  • Train your agents so they can apprentice the accommodating aperture central and out. Watch training videos or appear a reside webinar that your EHR or accommodating aperture bell-ringer provides.
  • Address an elevator angle (short description of key benefits) that your agents can verbally allotment with patients during their arrangement visit.
  • Accomplish the aperture allotment allotment of the check-in and check-out process. Walk patients through the log in action afore they leave the office. Use a book or iPad to let patients convenance logging in with their username and password.
  • Remind patients they can accomplish accessories online through their accommodating aperture if they alarm for an appointment.
  • Remind patients to appearance their medical history, eye assay after-effects and added analytic summaries online afore they leave the office. Don’t force patients to sign-up, but a affable nudge may advance them to try it out.

Encourage, incentivize and accumulate them advancing aback

  • Animate patients to forward your arrangement a defended bulletin from their portal. Once they assurance up, access them into a cartoon for a cost or allowance card. Display a angle basin with a affiche or the cost with advice area patients will see it in your cat-and-mouse room.
  • Export emails from your EHR or convenance administration arrangement for patients who accept not enrolled in your accommodating portal. Forward a alternation of emails to patients auspicious them to accept a username and password. Access them into a account drawing.
  • Use the aperture to forward letters and announcements, such as arrangement reminders, bloom tips, convenance news, bounded events, appropriate promotions, arrangement closures and more. Always cover a hotlink to the accommodating aperture to appoint patients and admit interactions.
  • Forward targeted bloom advice to specific patients, such as diabetes management.
  • Require all patients to email their provider alone through their accommodating portal.
  • Action patients a abatement on their next optical acquirement if they assurance up for the accommodating aperture while in your office.
  • Action patients a abatement off their bill if they pay their bills via their accommodating portal.
  • Access the patient’s name into a account cartoon if the accommodating schedules an arrangement online.

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